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Very Vegan: Vegan Gift Box

Very Vegan: Vegan Gift Box

Very Vegan: Vegan Gift Box

Lots of our box contain vegan products but this box is very vegan indeed. Everything that makes up this box is completely vegan.

All our gift boxes come with a unique Box Profile - a lil fun intro to the contents of your box. The box itself is pretty darn sexy, even if we say so ourselves. Ditch the wrapping paper, our box has you covered. 

By buying this box, you are supporting 7 local businesses - high five! 

Sipsup: Raspberry Lemonade

Based in West Sussex, Supsup hand make all their drinks in small batches with no fake stuff, just good old fashioned, expertly blended botanicals.  

Sipsup: Sicilian Lemonade

Sipsup uses the finest Sicilian lemons as the base to all their drinks. They really are a Brighton and Sussex staple.

Find Candles: Calm

Made using only essential oils, this Lavender, Patchouli, and Frankincense candle promises to promote wellness and calm. It's basically a deep breath in candle form.

Sussex Soap House: Charcoal

Formulated with Dorset charcoal, a soothing antibacterial blend of herbal essential oils and nourishing cocoa butter, our charcoal bar gently exfoliates, drawing and absorbing impurities from the skin for a deep and natural cleanse, leaving skin feeling smooth, soft and glowing. 

Sussex Soap House’s soap is made without any of the nasties and never tested on animals. 

Corinne Taylor: Calm Bath Salts

These bath salts are made using pink Himalayan crystal salt, which is raw, unprocessed and unrefined, and rich in 84 different minerals that the human body needs to stay healthy.

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