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Just Brew It | Coffee Gift Box

Just Brew It | Coffee Gift Box - Brighton In A Box

Just Brew It | Coffee Gift Box

You like coffee huh? You can never have too much great coffee. Just Brew It comes with a tonne of incred coffee that's been roasted in Brighton. 

All our gift boxes come with a unique Box Profile - a lil fun intro to the contents of your box. The box itself is pretty darn sexy, even if we say so ourselves. Ditch the wrapping paper, our box has you covered. 

By buying this box, you are supporting 7 local businesses - high five! 

Pelicano Coffee Co: Smokey Bird Blend
A seasonal blend made up of 3 single origin beans with tasting notes of dark chocolate, a lil fruity kick and smokey hints of vanilla.

Coffee 33: House Blend
This blend consists of beans from Brazil and Colombia with notes of cocoa, hazelnut and cherry. 

Horsham Coffee Roaster: Rwanda Coffee Beans
A firm Brighton favourite, with notes of orange, caramel and black tea. We love this bean because for every kilo of Rwandan coffee sold, a tree is planted in the Gishwati-Mukura forest in Rwanda.

Utility Brighton: Enamel Mug
If you're drinking great coffee, you better be sipping it from a great mug. This heavyweight enamel mug is about become your fave mug. 

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