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Hot Bevs | Hot Drinks Gift Box

Hot Bevs | Hot Drinks Gift Box - Brighton In A Box

Hot Bevs | Hot Drinks Gift Box

This box is too hot to freakin' trot. For someone who prefers the hotter varieties of beverages. This gift box is crammed full of all the hot drinks you could want.

All our gift boxes come with a unique Box Profile - a lil fun intro to the contents of your box. The box itself is pretty darn sexy, even if we say so ourselves. Ditch the wrapping paper, our box has you covered. 

By buying this box, you are supporting 7 local businesses - high five! 

Knoops: 34% Milk Chocolate Flakes

Knoops are infamous in Sussex for making the best hot chocolate in all the land. These 34% milk chocolate flakes guarantee to make the best chocolatey drink you’ve ever tasted.

Horsham Coffee Roaster: Rwanda Coffee Beans

A firm Brighton favourite, with notes of orange, caramel and black tea. We love this bean because for every kilo of Rwandan coffee sold, a tree is planted in the Gishwati-Mukura forest in Rwanda.

Hoogly: Chill Out Mint

This tea is hand blended and ethically sourced. Packed full of invigorating menthol character, it's an uplifting and bracing combo - perfect before bed!

The Tea Leaf: Hide & Seek 

This hand rolled single estate black tea is the bees knees of breakfast tea.


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