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Boozy One | Alcohol Gift Box

Boozy One | Alcohol Gift Box

Boozy One | Alcohol Gift Box

This is for that friend that wants to build their alcohol collection. Crammed full with a bottle of bubbly, gin, rum and a couple of beers to keep you going.

All our gift boxes come with a unique Box Profile - a lil fun intro to the contents of your box. The box itself is pretty darn sexy, even if we say so ourselves. Ditch the wrapping paper, our box has you covered. 

By buying this box, you are supporting 7 local businesses - high five! 

Brighton Gin: 350ml Pavilion Strength Gin (40% abv)

Brighton Gin is a multi-award winning gin. It's botanicals include lime and milk thistle makes a deeply refreshing G&T. This is a subtle, ruminative gin and, thanks to its softness, Brighton Gin is also delicious sipped neat, over ice with a slice of orange. It’s also 100% vegan and gluten free. 

Foxhole Spirits: Mad City Botanical Rum (40% abv)

Mad City Rum takes rum to the next level. Continuing their mission to make great spirits from surplus produce, this rum is a multi award winning spirit. You’re gonna love it.

Wiston Estate: Wiston Brut NV (12% abv)

Made from grapes grown on the Wiston Estate in West Sussex. Wiston Brut is an award winning elegant English Sparkling Wine.

Unbarred: Casual Pale (4.5% abv)

A delicious pale ale with a soft mouthfeel and citrus hop aroma and flavour.

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