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Who Are We?

We love Brighton, you love Brighton, we all love Brighton.

So much so that we decided to fill gift boxes with the best local & independant products that Brighton and Sussex has to offer. 

We know how much a thoughtful gift can turn your good day into a flipping brill one. All our boxes promise to turn that frown upside down and give you a flavour of our great city. 

We exist to Brighton up your day. 

Here’s a couple of things I bet you didn't know about us: 

  • All our boxes are made up of products produced by some of the best independent businesses, farmers and designers that our city has to offer.
  • We’ve tried our very best to make all the packaging sustainable and recyclable - even mother nature loves Brighton. 
  • We’re the official gift box of the @brighton Instagram account 
  • Our boxes are the closest thing you can get to a hug in the post.

Brighton In A Box was started by Brighton based couple, Elle and Tom, as they navigated a big ol' shift in work circumstances due to the Covid crisis. They took a look around, did some research and decided to make gift boxes that their city would be proud of. 

Supports Local Business
Eco-Friendly Packaging
Brighton Up Your Day